8 Steps to Determine if Your Case Qualifies for Contingency-Based Representation

While filing a personal injury claim might get you your compensation, affording a lawyer might not be easy for everyone. In case you are looking for contingency-based representation, you just need to fill up a free personal injury review form to meet an attorney.

In this guide, we will be discussing every step that follows submitting an online form:

Step 1

we receive your form, we will find an experienced personal injury lawyer within your area and share the details via e-mail. Just in case you don’t see the mail in your inbox, kindly check your spam folder. In case you do not receive any message from us, please understand that no attorneys were available from your locality.

Step 2

Once a lawyer is appointed for your case, he or she evaluates your form thoroughly and contacts you. He or she might drop an e-mail in case your phone is not reachable. So, please check your mail (every folder) regularly.

Step 3

After the phone consultation, the lawyer will schedule a face to face meeting. This is important to evaluate documents related to the incident. All medical reports, police reports or statements might be crucial.

Step 4

You need to understand if you need an attorney to help you in claiming your injury compensation. If you are unsure, you can avail our FREE consultation. If you decide to go ahead with our attorney, then there are a few more steps to follow.

Step 5

Once you both reach a mutual understanding, you will need to sign some legal forms. This is essential as it will give you a clear understanding of the legal fees as a percentage of your entire claim and will help to avoid any misunderstandings during the process.

Step 6

The lawyer looks into the case thoroughly and fights aggressively to get compensation from the culprit. The Civil Justice Initiative's annual landscape report for the year 2015 states that the average court awarded payout in similar cases was $64,761. Statistics also show such cases take at an average 478 days to get resolved, mostly by out of court settlement. It is also essential to understand that 67% of the defendants also take legal help to avoid giving compensation. These reasons alone portray the essence of hiring a lawyer.

Step 7

Legal fees, as a percentage of your compensation amount, is only deducted if your lawyer wins the case or reaches a settlement with the defendant. Throughout the process, the attorney takes care of all your legal expenses.

Step 8

The lawyer will not charge anything if you do not get any compensation; that is, you lose the case. A lawyer generally takes up such cases after a thorough evaluation of the evidence in hand. They get an idea of the possible result by going through these.

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