Types of Personal Injury Cases Most Lawyers Accept

Personal injuries can be categorized into the following:

  • Vehicle-related accidents – The Majority of the personal injury cases fall in this category in the United States. The claimants are, in most cases, in an advantageous position, and the winning percentage is higher. Water transport accidents are also considered a subset of such accidents.
  • Slip-and-fall injuries – These kinds of injuries are prevalent, and a personal injury claim in such cases cover back limb, head and neck injuries. As these incidents happen now and then, it forms an essential sub-head of personal injury. Dirty parking lots resulting in a slip and fall injury also falls in this category.
  • Product liability cases – You might get affected by a product you bought from a local store or experience severe side effects from medicines. In both cases, you can file a product liability claim under personal injury. We come across these cases often mainly due to the damages caused by consuming expired medicines or old food products.
  • Battery, assault and domestic violence victims – A contingency-based representation depends on the concrete evidence. A severe injury will give you an advantage over your opponent. Claimants can file for personal injury claims in case they do not want to file any criminal charges. For instance, if you sustain any injury defending an uninvited guest who forced into your house, you are eligible to file a claim. Such cases also include damages caused to you due to some illegal activities of your neighbor.
  • Medical malpractice – Any type of medical error caused to the negligence of a doctor or other medical staff is treated as medical malpractice. Victims with substantial evidence have the legal rights to take action against the wrongdoings.
  • Dog bites – In the States, dog bite cases are more common than you think. A victim of a dog bite has the right to file a lawsuit against the owner for the damages. It is the responsibility of the owner to tale precautionary measures to keep the people visiting the premises safe from unfortunate attacks. You are also liable to claim personal injury compensation if a dog runs into your property and bites you while you were arguing with its owner.

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