Potential Car Accident Damages Which Can Be Recovered

No monetary amount is sufficient to compensate for the losses you’ve incurred in a car accident. You shouldn’t accept it as a part of your fate and settle for the losses. The law gives you the right to file a lawsuit against the liable party. But what damages can you recover with the help of your auto accident attorney? Let’s find out:

Medical Bills

All medical expenses which mainly includes:

  • All forms of preliminary medical expenses
  • Cost of major operations or surgeries
  • Loss of income
  • Time loss due to recovery of the injuries
  • Physical pains and sufferings
  • Psychological distress and mental trauma
Every piece of evidence is crucial for making a claim. An experienced attorney can guide through all hurdles and help you calculate the right compensation amount for the losses incurred.

Loss of Income

An auto accident can come between you and your normal livelihood. If a car accident causes physical and mental damages that restrict you from carrying out your regular activities or if the treatment of injury continues for weeks, months, or even years, then you are eligible for getting compensation for the income losses. A professional can help you determine the losses and get you the right compensation.

Physical Pain & Suffering

Physical pain and damages mostly depend upon the intensity of the accident and injuries. It is difficult to estimate the monetary value for suffering. However, as per the Law, there is a fixed compensation amount for long term disabilities and permanent injuries which sometimes depends on the age of injured victims. For instance, a victim who is young with permanent injuries would suffer the pains and losses for a longer period in life that a victim who is 85 years old.

Psychological Distress

The emotional trauma caused by an accident cannot be analyzed in numbers. Sometimes a victim has to sign u for long-term therapy sessions or get admitted to rehabilitation centers to get back to normalcy, which indeed can be expensive. A victim requires the support of a professional to deal with the emotional damages. Our attorneys would be the perfect choice for any accident case to help you recover the much-deserved compensation.

Organized Settlements

Although all car accident victims want to receive the entire compensation amount the payment at once, it’s not always possible for the defendant to do so. That’s why an organized settlement structure is essential to break the total amount into easy installments. Our seasoned attorneys can help you with a thorough evaluation of the damages caused and develop a proper payment structure so help you recover your claim at the earliest. With them, you are guaranteed to receive the best legal assistance and the right amount for your pain and loss.