Dog Bite Injury

Have You Ever Been Injured of a Dog Bite?

In the United States, around 4.5 million accidents occur due to dog bites every year. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, about 900,000 victims seek medical treatment for dog bites. Filing a lawsuit for such cases can get challenging as the victims have specific requirements. Don’t worry if you lack the necessary expertise for evaluating the severity of the case. Our lawyers are here to resolve all your legal challenges and get you your much deserving compensation.

Steps to Be Taken After a Dog Bite

  1. Identify the dog owner; note down his/ her name and contacts and details of the vaccination. Consult a veterinarian to learn about the validity of the provided vaccines.
  2. Take pictures of your wounds as proof of your injuries.
  3. For minor injuries, clean it with running water and mild soap. Don’t use alcohols or chemicals like hydrogen peroxide on the wound.
  4. Consult an experienced doctor and gather all necessary medical documents. He/ she can guide you with the antidote of rabies required.
  5. Reach out to animal control in your residential area to file a case report.

What steps should be taken if the accused dog is not yours?

In most cases, dog owners are held responsible for the cause. However, there are a few instances where you need to prove the fault of the accused violating the local animal control law (leash law).

A dog bite incident can bring both pain and unnecessary financial loss. You must seek compensation for your incurred medical expenses and lost income. For this, you need to take assistance from our attorneys and review your case. Our lawyers are well-versed with the laws and help you get the maximum amount for your damages. Our free case review service

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Legal rights of a Dog Bite Victim

Legal rights of a Dog Bite Victim

As compared to other injury cases, the severity of legal actions against dog bite injuries is less. Mostly victims pay from their own pockets for emergency medical aid. However, the law protects the rights of the victims and their family members. A dog owner is liable to pay for any mishap if proven.

After following the steps above, talk to an attorney Most house owners and even renters have insurance policies that cover the dog bite injuries. Gaining a fair compensation against the losses might get challenging. You must consult an attorney with relevant credentials to learn about your legal options against the dog owner.

Our experienced attorneys are aware of all the possible tactics insurance lawyers use to turn the case in their favor and minimize the compensation amount. They possess unique negotiating skills and handle any big insurance company. Call us now for a FREE review of your case and to secure a fair settlement within the shortest timeframe.

Why Seek Assistance from Online Injury Claims?

When you are injured due to someone else’s fault, you are generally worried about the following:

  • Payment of medical bills
  • Ways of recovering from income loss
  • How long would it take to receive the compensation

For us, our clients are our utmost priority. The lawyers here fight on your behalf with all might and main. We assure you all-round legal support and complete protection from all kinds of legal adversities. We offer:

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Frequently Asked Questions

You need to file a claim against a dog bite injury as quickly as possible. There is a Statute of Limitations which must be followed. If not, you might not be eligible to file a lawsuit or demand compensation. A professional would be the right person to assist you through the process and help you overcome the adversities.
There are few things which you must consider to understand if you have a case-

  • Presence of law officials
  • Proof of the accused failing to abide by the Law
  • Breach of duty from the defendant’s end
  • The recovery period of the damages
When someone is legally held responsible for an act of negligence, it is a liability. For a dog bite case, it is the owner of the dog who is liable to pay for the damages.
Negligence is the careless act of a person who harms another individual. In the case of dog bite injuries, failure is the primary cause of accidents as it is the fault of the owner as he failed to keep a watch on his dog running about in the premises. It can pose a significant risk to individuals visiting the place.
Several losses can fall under damages. Such as:

  • The expense of medicines and other medical treatments
  • Doctor’s fees and additional hospital costs (if required)
  • Recovery time from minor or major damages (physical or mental)
  • Wages lost
  • The psychological impact, emotional distress

Insurance policies of dog owners are useful in case of dog bite injuries. A professional dog bite attorney fights hard to get you the maximum amount for the damages. Although physical pain, emotional distress, or the time lost can’t be calculated in terms of money, our attorney evaluates the case thoroughly from multiple aspects to secure the right amount for your pain and suffering.