Damages Recovered in Medical Malpractices

The victims of medical malpractices suffer loss and damages of various kinds. Here’s a list of injuries that you can recover with the help of an experienced medical malpractice attorney.

Medical Expenses

Medical expenses mainly comprise of:

  • Preliminary bills of medicines
  • Hospital bed charges and doctor’s visits
  • Cost of primary operations and surgeries
  • Time loss due to the recovery of injuries
  • Psychological distress and mental trauma
  • Income loss
  • Physical pain and suffering
All the medical bills must be appropriately documented for the correct evaluation of the claim. Our legal representatives are just a call away to help you calculate. Don’t jeopardize your case by teaming up with inexperienced lawyers. Instead, call us now for a FREE evaluation of your case to gain maximum compensation.

Loss of income

A victim who is unable to continue with his/her regular job due to injuries might qualify for damage claim compensation. The recovery period varies from accidents to accidents. So the longer a victim takes to heal more he/she incurs a loss of wages. You should consult with our lawyers ASAP to calculate your current and future damage.

Physical Damage

Physically recovering from damages can be a painful journey. However, as per the law, only a few types of injuries come under this category. While deciding the amount, a few factors are considered to determine the amount of compensation.

  • Disfigurement/ permanent disabilities
  • Injuries with permanent effects
  • Age of the victims
For instance, by the law, an 80 years old victim would be less qualified for a lump sum amount as compared to the one who is of 20.

Psychological stress

Calculating compensation for psychological and emotional suffering isn’t easy. However, you can consult our legal team for extensive support to gain optimum justice. Our lawyers are compassionate and know the law sufficiently to help you get through the challenges effortlessly.

Organized settlements

The court might award you with a flat sum of money as a settlement for your medical malpractice case. For long-term injuries, calculating the right compensation can become a real challenge. When the defendant appeals for his incapability of paying the lump sum amount at once, the court settles for structured payments as in installments.