Damages Recovered in a Personal Injury Case

Specific legal procedures must be carried out to file a claim against your injuries and losses. Our injury attorneys’ help you recover the maximum claim amount for all kinds of injuries and accident damages, like –

Medical Expenses

Various expenditures come under this category for which you may be eligible to receive compensation. Such as:

  • Cost of medicine and ambulance charges
  • Hospital bills (doctor’s visits, bed charges, and significant surgeries)
  • Regular pathological expenses
  • Post-operation care charges
  • Physiological therapies
  • Rehabilitation expenditure
Make sure to document all the bills of your medical expenditure. These are crucial for the evaluation of your claim amount in the future. For the wellbeing of you and your family, our legal experts are here to assist you and fight on your behalf fight to get you fair compensation. Call us at the registered numbers today to learn more about your legal options.

Loss of Income

It is impossible to calculate the amount of your compensation for the damages and losses you have incurred. However, as per the Law, only specific injuries fall under this category. The recovery amount also depends on:

  • Long term disabilities/ disfigurement
  • Permanent injuries
  • Age of the injured person
For example – An older man around 80 years would receive fewer recovery awards in comparison to the one who is 18 years old.

Mental Trauma & Distress

An experienced attorney understands the mental challenges that a victim goes through. Due to emotional distress, you may not be in the condition to calculate the right amount for the damages. But if a qualified lawyer assists you, he/she can provide you with all the support you need. He/she would make sure you get a fair judgment.

Organized Claim Settlements

For the settlement of your injury claim, you might receive some amount from the court. However, for long term care, it is almost impossible to evaluate the right compensation. The accused person might appeal to the court for his incapability to pay the lump sum amount. In return, he might get the order to complete the settlement in installments.

Structured Settlements

Often times a court will award a flat sum to be paid to the plaintiff for the entire injury. Other times, it's impossible to know how much money will be needed for long-term care and rehabilitation. Also, sometimes defendants simply cannot pay the amount owed all at once. So, structured settlements let the defendant pay in installments over time.