Texting and Driving Car Accident

Have you been injured in an accident while texting and driving?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 10% of car accidents are caused due to distracted driving. It is also one of the leading causes of road accidents worldwide. Since 2016, texting and driving have been banned in many places including Guam, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia. The 2017 Traffic Safety Culture Index survey report conveyed that around 45% of the drivers admitted to driving while reading text or emails.

Surviving an injury from an auto accident can be a lengthy process. The entire journey only gets difficult when you try to do it all on your own. Hiring an attorney can help you understand the legal complexities and guide you through the entire process. Our lawyers are competent and highly experienced to resolve all complex legalities.

A few must-known facts about texting and driving

Accidents caused due to distractions are much higher than you think in the US and other countries. Here are some shocking statistics of distracted driving in the United States.

  • As per the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, the use of cell phones behind the wheels has increased the risk of a crash by 83%
  • In 2017, 84% of TSCI survey respondents noticed that drivers get distracted while texting or emailing via their phones
  • Although 96% of the population condemned texting and driving, 1 out of 3 drivers is still found guilty of the same
  • Reports show that in 2015 over 15% of the auto accidents were due to distracted drivers. Out of which, 2100 of them were using their cell phones while driving.

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Recovering from an accident can be painful and emotionally challenging. All victims with severe injuries go through emotional turmoil and suffer from physical, mental and financial distress. It is crucial for you to get your life back on track and protect your legal rights.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Every case has a fixed statute of limitations which means a victim must file a case within that timeframe. The statute of limitations varies from state to state. So, in case you don’t turn up on time, you will miss the chance of filing for a claim. Hence, talk to an attorney soon after an accident to understand your case and the possibilities of recovering your claim amount.
There are many legalities associated with a case. As an average person, you may not have knowledge of the law. That's why you need to consult a professional to understand your case in detail. An attorney will analyze your case from multiple aspects and adopt unique strategies to maximize the amount of your claim.
Liability is when an individual is held responsible for an accident. You can demand compensation from the liable person for the incurred losses and damages. In an accident, you can hold several parties liable for their wrongdoings even if the causes are intentional or unintentional.
The term negligence mostly comes into effect in a personal injury case. Negligence is when an individual ignores his responsibilities which later harms him or another. For instance, if a driver hits you while waiting at the signal, it can be taken as an act of negligence. Sudden accidents such as this can cause serious physical injuries for which the victim deserves an adequate amount of compensation.
In an accident, many factors can be considered as damages. The accident damages include monetary, physical as well as emotional sufferings. Such as:

  • Preliminary medical expenses
  • Cost of major operations or surgeries
  • Preliminary medical expenses
  • Income loss
  • Loss of time due to recovery
  • Mental distress and trauma
  • Physical sufferings
Our car accident attorneys are well-versed with the legalities of all types of accident cases. They strive hard to maximize your compensation and protect your legal rights.